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Webdesproxy is a http proxy bypass software.It's based on the desproxy's source code. Desproxy is a TCP tunel through a HTTP proxy.It use CONNECT method of HTTP protocol to connect to external servers,but its port only bind to a server's port.Webdesproxy can "bind" a local port to any web site's web server port.Webdesproxy is just a proxy,it modifies the web browser's requests,and sends them to the real HTTP proxy.

I compiled it in cygwin platform.The package contain cygwin.dll and win32 binary webdesproxy.

Click here to download the source code.

I worked for Digital China from July 2005 to November 2005.Surf in this company is not freely,the http proxy has a websites access list,employees only can access those allowed web sites.If you want to browse a not allowed web page,you must apply to the admins,then wait there response.Any free email websites is not allowed,and I cant retrieve my emails....I finded the desproxy,it establish a TCP tunnel through the HTTP proxy using CONNECT method in http protocol,to CONNECT to the external servers,so,I can retrieve my emails,telnet/ssh to some servers,access FTP servers,but it bind one local port to one externel server's service,not a one local port to complex services,so I modifies the source,to let it works like a http proxy,bind a local port to any web sites.
There're some tricks in bypassing the http proxy.e.g,the browser send the following request to the proxy server:

GET http://sourceforge.net/index.php HTTP/1.1

webdesproxy modifies the request as:

connect sourceforge.net 80
GET /index.php HTTP/1.1

Maybe,the http proxy(squid) did not check the connect site,and it did not find the site infomation in the GET method line,so the request is allowed.
I shared this tool to my companions,so problem is coming.
Good times is always not long,the admin finded the abusing of the CONNECT method,he disabled the CONNECT method on the proxy.
This tool is dead in this company.

msn: dpsuffix@hotmail.com